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Founded in August 2006 by Donna Apilado-Schumacher.

In the beginning, Donna wanted to simply work from home and have a baby.  Two years prior to actually starting AkamaiBooks, she began dreaming of working from home.  She took inventory of her skills set and thought maybe she could start her own bookkeeping company working from home.  At the time, it felt scary and risky – no guaranteed paycheck!  What if she didn’t gain enough clients and couldn’t cover the monthly bills?!  All she felt prepared to do at the time, was begin tucking away any extra money into savings, just in case, one day she had the courage to start a business.

Two years later, Donna’s employer at the time, asked her one day, what she really wanted in her life.  She knew if she was completely honest, she might not have a job.  She decided honesty was best and hesitantly responded, “I want to work from home and have a baby”.   Her employer asked the question, “How can I best support you to make that a reality?”  She quickly transitioned from being an employee to a business owner by starting AkamaiBooks LLC.  He became her first bookkeeping client.  From there, AkamaiBooks grew, mostly through referrals.

Yes, Donna also got her wish of having a baby.  Her son, Keale, was born in January 2008.

Today, after over a decade of serving small businesses, AkamaiBooks’ mission is to empower small businesses to learn and understand their business financial numbers, so they can progress with confidence, vision, and most importantly, peace of mind.

After numerous clients’ requests, in 2015, AkamaiBooks, added Professional Employer Organization (PEO) services to their repertoire of services.  In Hawaii, PEO services are often referred to as employee leasing.  Checkout PayrollHR Hawaii for more information on outsourced payroll and human resource services.

AkamaiBooks focuses on virtual bookkeeping for service-based businesses and Hawaii vacation rentals.

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